Lovell Middle School Big Horn County School District #2

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School Colors - Blue and White
School Mascot - Mustang
School Motto - We Are Mustangs; We Rise!

School Demographics:
Student Population- 185 ~ 6th Grade - 75  7th Grade - 61  8th Grade - 49

Lovell Middle School Pep Song
Hail to our conquering heroes, Hail to our victors valiant, Hail to our Middle School the leaders of the West. RAH, RAH, RAH. Hail to our Mustang Spirit, Hail to our Blue and our White, Hail to our Middle School, We'll always be the best, RAH, RAH, RAH.
(Sung to the tune of "The Victors" Lyrics by Mrs. Dickson's Music Technology Class)

Principal~ William Hiser