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Counseling Program
Vision Statement:
Mission Statement: We help students recognize and achieve their individual goals in order to become responsible and productive citizens through social, emotional, and academic learning.
Monthly Guidance Topics
  Our Guidance class is different than any other course. This class meets once a month on important topics that have huge impacts on student success. While students are not graded, their efforts in this class affect their ability to succeed at Lovell Middle School and well into the future. You will find the tentative monthly guidance topics for each month listed below. This schedule may change as additional and/or more pressing needs are identified as the school year progresses. Feel free to contact Mr. Grant with questions, suggestions or comments about the guidance lessons provided at Lovell Middle School.
August:  Personal Responsibility
September: Respect
October: Bullying and Harassment
November: Empathy
December: Resilience (Changed)
January: Goal Setting
February: Relationships
March: Peer Pressure
April: Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution
May: Mental Health Awareness (Changed)

Calm Down

Please scroll down for more techniques that may better fit your current situation.

Grounding Technique

Anxiety often occurs while we worry about something in the future. We worry about giving presentations in front of the class. We worry about when assignments are due. We worry about what others might think about us. Using the 5-4-3-2-1 method, we push the thoughts of the future out of our mind by focusing on what is happening around us in the moment.



How to defeat negative thoughts

Negative thoughts are often the culprit of giving us strong negative emotions. These thoughts can cause feelings of anger, resentment, sadness, and anxiety. We can help ourselves calm down by using the following technique to challenge our negative thoughts and replacing them with positive solutions.


What is Mindfulness


Appreciate Nature Mindfulness



Mindful Meals

Let go of stress


Find your Focus

Feeling Frustrated?

Take a Breath

Anti-Bullying with Resilience
 On 11/30/2021 we had an amazing presenter, Brooks Gibbs, share resiliency science and tools with all students during school assemblies at the Elementary, Middle, and High School. He also presented a parent night. Brooks is a bullying expert with PHD's in Sociology and Psychology. Brooks Gibbs has presented at over 2,000 schools and has over 200,000,000 views on his videos across the internet. The following video teaches some of the very principles of resiliency he brought to our town. You may also find more information at his personal Web Page and his curriculum and training at . We use his curriculum in school counseling resiliency groups and guidance classes.

Hello, I am the Lovell Middle School Counselor. My name is Lucas Grant and I am excited to be of service to the students at Lovell Middle School. Having grown up in Lovell and attended Lovell Middle School myself, I understand the challenges and needs that affect many students. I am here to help teach students the knowledge, attitudes and skills necessary for academic, career and social/emotional development. I also provide short term goal oriented counseling to help students overcome their challenges and succeed in school.